Rimrock Gold Corp Announces the Termination of the BluNutric Acquisition

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Toronto, Ontario, March 6, 2024 – Rimrock Gold Corp. (OTC Pinks: RMRK) (the “Company”) announces the termination of the Definitive Agreement dated December 22, 2022 to acquire 100% interest in BluNutric Group Ltd.

After a careful and thorough review of the BluNutric transaction, the Company’s Directors feel it’s in the best interest of the shareholders and the Company to terminate the transaction due to delays in BluNutric securing the necessary funding. The Company believes that itself and the shareholders have been more than patient, and with additional delays expected, believe it’s time to make necessary pivots to advance.

The Company’s CEO, Jordan Starkman, expressed regret about the termination, saying, “We are disappointed that the BluNutric transaction could not be completed given the enormous amount of time dedicated to the deal. However, I believe that viewing challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation is a hallmark of successful companies; when one door closes, another often opens. By embracing change and leveraging strengths, we will navigate uncertain times and emerge stronger. This mindset fosters resilience and a culture of continuous improvement, enabling us to thrive in dynamic environments.”

Rimrock’s Director, Dan Scaman commented, “In light of the recent developments and echoing Jordan’s resilient stance, it’s crucial we look ahead with a strategic mindset. The decision to move beyond the BluNutric deal, although tough, paves the way for us to explore new avenues that align with our core mission of enhancing shareholder value. After conducting a thorough analysis of the funding delays, we have concluded that the wisest course of action is to pursue a new partnership with an established organization that has a proven revenue track in our target sectors. This strategy is both sustainable and forward-looking, with a goal of not only safeguarding but also to enhance the value we provide to our shareholders. We’re at a pivotal juncture where our collective resilience and willingness to innovate can truly make a difference.”

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