Rimrock Gold Corp. Announces the Launch of Acqua CBD Coffee Infused with Resveratrol

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LAS VEGAS, November 7, 2019 — Rimrock Gold Corp. (OTC Pink: RMRK) (the “Company”), is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary Acqua Cannabis Corp (“Acqua”) has launched a line of CBD coffee infused with resveratrol (www.acquacbdcoffee.com). Acqua has partnered with Vera Roasting Company to infuse Arabica coffee beans with one of nature’s most potent antioxidants, resveratrol, utilizing Vera’s patented process that promotes bio-absorption. Each batch of beans is also infused with CBD derived from industrial grown hemp and contains 0% THC.

Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant found naturally in the skin of red grapes and is present in red wine. Decades of research have tied daily consumption of resveratrol to cardiovascular health, anti-aging, and cancer prevention. Acqua CBD Coffee now offers those same benefits in coffee. While resveratrol does not change the flavor of coffee, it does enhance its smoothness.  

In order to derive the benefits of resveratrol, it must be consumed daily. Most people do not consume red wine every day, but nearly 80% of adults drink coffee and most of them drink it every day, making coffee the perfect alternative. In addition to heart healthy resveratrol, cannabidiol (CBD) is also infused for overall wellness. CBD is used to relieve anxiety, alleviate pain and reduce inflammation, among other health benefits.

“It is very exciting to offer the widely accepted health benefits of red wine to consumers with our Acqua CBD Coffee, stated Jordan Starkman, CEO of Rimrock Gold. “We believe CBD will become a prominent wellness ingredient within the functional beverage space, and Vera’s unique ability to infuse resveratrol and CBD into high quality coffee beans makes our Acqua CBD Coffee the perfect product to introduce to consumers.” 

Dr. Glen Miller, founder and Chief Technology Officer at Vera Roasting states, “CBD is regarded as a relatively stable botanical, but it does lose potency over time, as it degrades. The CBD in Vera Roasting’s coffee is protected from premature oxidation by resveratrol.”

The Company’s immediate plan is to begin the marketing of the Acqua CBD Coffee directly to consumers through its newly launched e-commerce platform acquacbdcoffee.com. 

The Company would also like to announce that the new and refreshed Acqua Cannabis website will be relaunched in the coming weeks. The updated website includes changes to navigation, structure, and overall appearance with mobile and desktop versions. The new website address will be www.acquacannabis.com. 

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